Hosted Exchange / Office 365

For some businesses, it just makes sense to have Exchange. Everyone is familiar with it and your staff may feel more comfortable using it. Exchange, however, is not a ‘set it and forget it’ platform, it requires a lot of technical maintenance and experience for any problems that may arise with it.

Having a dedicated IT engineer onsite is expensive and outsourcing your exchange platform to us can save you money.

By using our managed Exchange platform, you get the peace of mind that you have a team of highly skilled engineers available if anything is to go wrong without the expense of hiring someone full time.

Office 365 and Sharepoint can be used to improve your workflow, having multiple people collaborating on a single document in real-time can mean a huge boost to productivity.

If you want the freedom that cloud technology can give your workforce over their projects, contact us to see how Office 365 could benefit you.

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